New Readers


Welcome to Icy Moon Meadows!


     Since the comic can be hard to jump into for the first time, we created this page to explain the background to you. First and foremost, our comic is split into several sections. The Main Story is titled with page numbers at the start, while the sketches are titled "Gag" at the start. These are two separate things! If you want clarification, they are all separated at our archives page: The main story is based off of the following description:

    The account of IMM, one of Granum's moons. The story revolves around Boyce, a kid trying to make sense of his rapidly freezing (and small) world. As if this was not bad enough, he is drawn into utter confusion as his entire world (literally) enters complete chaos.       

    However, there is an unspoken part to the story, which is this: the entire "moon" is actually so small that it uses the chloroplasts (or granum) as its sun! The elves live on the moon, with other dangerous creatures. Although the elves rarely leave the town wall, Bill (Boyce's father) was an exception. He is the one that found the rapidly moving sheets of ice that are pushing towards the walled valley. Will anything be able to stop this massive freeze!?

    To view the comic, click on one of the links above! The "archive" page is probably best if you are a new reader.