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Leaving this comic inactive...

Hello, after a while of inactivity, we decided to leave this comic inactive. However, we will be working on our new comic at:


See you there!

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Busy Days =(

My days are getting busier and busier :(, so the comic updates will slow a bit. However, I will keep posting!

by drewtoby

Will Start a Gag Series

Today on my ipod I drew several "funny" elf sketches. This got me thinking that I should do a side gag series: one with just simplistic sketches made to make people laugh. So, I'll upload the sketches soon! The section will be all multimedia. If you have any ideas for the series, please comment! (I will give you credit when I release the slides you inspired)

I am also thinking about doing more editing in Gimp, as well as buying color markers and true inking ink (for book two, if the series goes on) to make my emphasis stand out. Since I will buy them off Amazon most likely, i'll just save some "swag bucks" from my (paid to search) search engine to get amazon gift cards. Lol, a huge tangent!!!! If you are interested in getting free Amazon gift cards, just click the banner below. It is not a scam, as I have used several of their cards already!

Search & Win

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The web comic is being made...

Welcome! After I got some bad reviews of the first web comic that I started,, I decided to take what I learned and start a new comic, Icy Moon Meadows. With this comic I will be more focused on the art and dialog, as my first comic lacked both (and I did not want to restart). The art of this comic will be black and white, as I will be using my set of 12 grey prismacolor markers. Unfortunately, I have to start from scratch (again). So, I will upload a cover for the comic and a slide or two by January 15th. Then, I will take some critiques, and build a buffer (once I know the comic will not be without fans). Thanks for visiting, and I will keep everyone updated on my progress!!!